14 Events and Panels You Won’t Want to Miss at Comic-Con@Home 2020

Subnation | Scott Bernberg | July 21, 2020

Got to admit, the line up for this year’s first (and hopefully last) Comic-Con@Home has us pretty excited. You may not have ScarJo arriving via helicopter or a Star Was reunion featuring Lucas, Hamil and Ford, but in some ways there’s a sweet throwback feel to this iteration of the world’s biggest Con. The panels feel more accessible — and the event appears to be more about the fans as opposed to the big studios and the Hollywood legions that accompany them.

And just like the old days of in-person SDCC, some of the best panels overlap one another. But back then — were talking way back in 2019 — you had to choose which panel to attend. Now, thanks to the magic of YouTube, your Comic-Con tickets entitles you to watch each and every panel at your convenience. No more choosing between x and y again!

All times below are PT. Check the latest schedule for more details.

Now let’s get on with the show — and our picks for this year’s can’t-miss panels:

Thursday — 6:00 PM

Mystery Science Theater 3000: A Panel Panorama

If you’re unfamiliar with MST3K, just imagine hanging out with three of your funniest friends — two of whom just happen to be wise-cracking robots — all watching the worst movies ever made and shouting clever comments at the screen. If you’re already a fan of the long-running, influential series then, for the love Servo, catch this panel with Joel Hodgson and the rest of the original cast.

Thursday — 6:00 PM

23rd Annual SDCC Superhero Kung Fu Extravaganza

Every year for the past two decades, fans have lined up outside this panel to watch the carefully curated collection of the most ass-kicking Asian cinema fight scenes of the year. So yeah, if you think COVID is big and bad enough to force this SDCC staple to miss a year, prepare for a beat down my friends.

Thursday 7:00 — PM

The Boys: Season 2

If loving the Amazon series The Boys is wrong, we don’t want to be right. Obnoxious and impolite, the series is also brimming with charm and fresh ideas in the superhero genre. This Thursday evening panel features cast and creative team dishing behind the scenes goodness in anticipation of a season two that looks completely bonkers.

Friday — 5:00 PM

The Living Dead: Celebrating the Legacy of George Romero

If you like anything even remotely Zombie-related, be it The Walking Dead comic or show, or games like Dead Rising or Left 4 Dead, then you owe a nod of gratitude to the man who created the entire damn genre single-handedly. With the exception of those pesky fast-running undead of 28 Days Later — screw those guys — everything Zombified we see today is based on Romero’s original Dead trilogy. This panel is a celebration of the man’s career and legacy.

Saturday — Noon

Constantine 15th Anniversary Reunion

Keanu owns Comic-Con@Home 2020. The man is everywhere. And we couldn’t be more excited about this underrated Keanu Klassic getting the love it so richly deserves.

Saturday — Noon

Disney+’s Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the World

There are kid shows that just kind of lay there, and then there are smart, subversive and genuinely funny animated series that reach audiences of all ages. Oh, you’ve never seen it? Then obviously your blood runs cold at the thought of a mute platypus who is a high-level secret agent operative by day, and the world’s most boring house pet by night. Tune in to this panel for an advance look at the upcoming P + F full-length feature film.

Saturday — 1:00 PM

Guillermo Del Toro and Scott Cooper on Antlers and Filmmaking

Antlers was scary as hell. OK, we’ve only seen the trailer, but that was more than enough to inspire multiple nightmares. Del Toro is an Oscar winning genius and Cooper is one of the most gifted and prolific filmmakers in Hollywood. Hearing these engaging men talk about their craft sounds like an hour of pure heaven.

Saturday — 3:00 PM

Bill & Ted Face the Music

Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter — hosted by Kevin Smith? Woah. That is all.

Saturday — 5:00 PM

What We Do in Shadows

The series is great, and the movie was even better. Hell, we’re just sold on the whole Shadows universe. To hear how the movie begat the show, and the show became one of the biggest sleeper hits of the past two years, join the cast and crew for this bloody good panel.

Saturday — 5:00 PM

Harry Potter and Black Panther: Using Pop Culture to Become Superheroes IRL

Movies that inspire, inspire us. And this panel is right up our alley, as it explores the idea that a film doesn’t have to be based on a factual event — or even take place in our current universe — to provide hope and leadership during challenging times.

Saturday — 6:00 PM

Farscape…To Be Continued

Such a great show…just trust us. This much anticipated reunion celebrates the sci-fi classics new streaming home on Amazon Prime and more importantly to die hard Farscape fans like us, teases the show’s return after more than a decade out of our lives.

Saturday — 6:00 PM

An Evening with Kevin Smith

Someone once said, great actors are so compelling that you would pay to listen to them read the phone book. We know what you’re thinking…what the hell is a phone book? After you Google this communication tool of the ancients, settle in for an evening with a man so knowledgeable and entertaining, we’d listen to him ramble on about any topic from gaming to comics to the weather patterns above Greenland.

Saturday — 7:00 PM
Peacock Original Series: Brave New World

Wait, what? Another streaming service. Anyone else noticed that the innovative content distribution system that finally freed us from the chains of cable now looks a lot like…cable.

Regardless, Peacock is a thing and Brave New World looks to be one of the coolest shows launched in the COVID-era. Its timely subject matter at a time when it feels the only way to escape reality is to imagine one much, much worse.

Sunday — 3:00 PM

Masters of the Illustrated Film Posters

Full disclosure: movie posters are a family business for your intrepid author. Dad is one of the country’s leading collectors of film poster art. And while other dads may have been teaching their sons to shave, mine was telling me this: if you ever see a Comic-Con panel with the famed Drew Struzen in attendance, you attend at all costs. The man created some of the finest Star Wars posters ever made!

And once again PLEASE remember that if you prefer the traditional, live edition of San Diego Comic-Con, here are three things you can do to increase the chances that it will return in 2021:

  1. Wear a mask when you leave the house
  2. Tell everyone you know to wear a mask when they leave the house
  3. Repeat Step 1 & 2 until further notice

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