Trailer Park #008: It Walks Among Us

Subnation | Scott Bernberg | October 29th, 2020

Did you know that the first known Among Us stream was actually found in 1986, archived on an abandoned Commodore 64 in a cave outside Phoenix? True story. Or is it? We can’t blame you for not trusting what anybody says anymore. Being a phony is so hot right now, in gaming and IRL. Whatever the game’s ancient 2017 origins may be, the darned thing caught fire in late summer 2020 and we haven’t looked back, or each other in the eye, since.

This weeks Trailer Park features clips from the Extended Among Us universe — and some of the crazy ways a quarantined world has taken this five-dollar game of endless deceit, gruesome murder and menial tasks, and made it their own happy place. We sus it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Among Vs.

Some games are created to be esports, such as Valorant and Overwatch. Others, like Rocket League, became esports organically and unexpectedly. And don’t forget those who tried and failed, such as our ill-fated attempt to turn Kinect: Star Wars into a global high-stakes competition.

Could Among Us be the next big thing? FaZe Clan, with their invitational tournament that included new team member and future “Most Famous Person in the World” Brony James, proved through a legitmately entertaining competition that there could be a future in competitive Among Us. We imagine this is literally the last place developers envisioned their game going. Then again that’s what they said about the MVPL, our own Monument Valley Pro League, and that might still become a thing. We hope.

Among US-A! Among US-A!

Just as few futurists would have predicted that Twitter would bring about the End of Times, or that a superpower would insert geo-political propaganda on Facebook right next to your grandma’s favorite pictures of pugs, there weren’t many who could have forseen that Among Us would be used as an influential platform in an election where the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Enter New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. AOC’s Among Us Twitch stream drew big numbers in an effort to get out the vote. Remember, whatever you think about the individual or her politics, there is no debating she was more succesful than Mitch McConnell’s Superman 64 livestream. Looked good on paper, though.

All Around Us

VR is having its moment in 2020. No longer home to glorified tech demos that will run you $39.95, or an endless Bataan Death March of archery games — so many archery games — this was the year that the hardware got the content it richly deserved. At least that’s what we heard. We keep throwing up five minutes into Half Life: Alyx.

When enterprising modders decided that the problem with Among Us was that it lacked the human touch, they took the initiative and built a version of the game in VR Chat. Now you can wander around a store brand version of the Skeld map using your actual hands to perform basic tasks. Except for murder of course. That will still require a mouse and keyboard, or the gentle nudge of a touch screen.

Themed Musical Interlude Time!

The 80’s aren’t looking so bad now, are they?

Musical History Fans Among Us

The spaceship in Among Us is the worst workplace environment since Starbucks employees went from “just making a little extra cash while I go on some auditions” to “we’re putting our lives at risk on a daily basis because pumping out Vanilla Bean Frappacinos is an essential service now.” But mix the catchiest musical ever made into the work day and things start looking up. Just like Among Us helped build the summer homes of top Discord executives, so too did Hamilton sales spike a pre-COVID Broadway. Now, they’ve come together in one place. That place being heaven.

Before They Walked Among Us

Project Winter had the misfortune of hitting Steam just a few months before life started imitating the game’s art. But the truth is, other than a higher price point, this gorgeous indie game about surviving a harsh winter is superior to Among Us in almost every way. There are two traitors trying to kill you here, not to mention the frigid weather, hungry bears and aggressive moose. Come to think of it, if we don’t see some Aggressive Space Moose DLC for Among Us in 2021 we riot.

There you have it. Among Us is our game of the moment. Nothing is ever going to change that. The content will keep flowing with this one forever. What’s that? Phasmophobia is out of Early Access? Excuse us, won’t you?

Don’t forget to vote and shed our current collective title of…Worst. Ancestors. Ever.

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