Trailer Park #009: We’re Starting 2021 Early

Subnation | Scott Bernberg | November 9th, 2020

Not sure why, but here at the Trailer Park, we’re suddenly feeling like anything is possible next year. A vaccine for all. Idris Elba cast as Bond. The release of Black Widow. Maybe even this:

But that’s just our wish list.

Here are all the tangible trailer-fied reasons we’ve decided we can’t wait two months to get 2021 rolling.

Because Maverick’s Going to Be There

Oh sure, Tom Cruise getting shot into space to film a $200 million movie gets all the hype, but we’re more excited about a project that shoots us back to 1986, a year that gave us the following which, you might as well face it, is still way cool 34 years later.

Because We Can’t Wait for Jet Propelled EMTs

Our agent stopped taking our calls years ago, but if she hadn’t, you can believe we’d be pitching this as the next great reality show for Netflix or Discovery. We’re thinking every time there’s a medical emergency, you call two Jet-pack Medics then have them fight in the skies above the individual in peril. Winner gets the glory. Loser gets shot into the next county. TV gold. It’s either that, or have this remain our most memorable jet-pack-related pop culture moment:

Because the Stranger Things “Kids” are Coming Back

Yes, they’re older and ganglier, but they’re still the same talented crew of young actors and actresses who give us the retro warm fuzzies, even in the face of some increasingly dark storylines. Plus, we’re hearing that they’ve even shot some scenes for the sixth and seventh season of the show:

Because We Can’t Wait to Hit the Bricks Again

The Star Wars canon is filled with games, books, comics, and even the occasional movie. But nothing scratches our Lucas itch more than the LEGO Star Wars series. The upcoming Skywalker Saga looks to carry on the grand tradition of being the only licensed SW property that absolutely refuses to take itself too seriously. Well, except for this:

Yes, we realize that this is the entire special and is therefore not technically a trailer. Please refer all complaints here:

Because We are Better

Mamba knew it. And now, we do too. That we can always be better. Do more. Achieve great things in the face of tough odds. That character matters. And so does acceptance of all. Which is why everyone is always welcome down here at the Trailer Park. And we’re double-wide, so there’s plenty of room.

Until next time, trailer fans. Keep hope alive.

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